How many cities with over 1 Mio people are in Russia?

Dear readers,

maybe you thought about, maybe not: how many cities with over 1 Mio people does Russia actually have?

I actually thought about the topic before I started to investigate and to read about it and the first obvious two were Moscow and St.Petersburg, but there are several more, of which some are a surprise to me!

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Excursion tip: Pushkin

Dear readers,

today I will take you to a place, which is perfect for a day long excursion from St. Petersburg: Pushin with the beautiful Ekaterinski Palace with the world famous amber chamber and the Lyceum where Pushkin studied.

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Day trips from Moscow Part III: Zvenigorod

Dear readers,

welcome to another part of the series “Day trips” from Moscow!

Today we will take you to Zvenigorod, a small town about 50km west of Moscow. It is one of the oldest towns in Moscow Oblast.

Some historical background

The town exists since the 12th century, and it first appeared in written papers in 1338. The town’s name comes from either a personal name (cf. Zvenislav, Zvenimir) or on a hydronym (cf. the Zvinech, Zvinyaka, Zveniga Rivers); the derivation from “town of ringing (bells)” is a folk etymology. But this isn’t confirmed. Continue reading

Trip report: Swiss Frankfurt-Zurich-Moscow

Dear readers,

welcome to another report from me!

This time I will show you the service on two european sectors with Swiss.

The route is a simple FRA-ZRH-DME.

To get to Frankfurt I used the combination of trains again and in a breeze I was in Frankfurt.

As Swiss is using Terminal 1 in Frankfurt along the *A partners, it is only a short walk to the Check-In from the trainstation.

Security this morning at the A pier was a bit crowded, because it was one of the days when LH striked. So there was a bit of chaos everywhere. Continue reading

Day trips from Moscow Part II: Istra

Dear readers,

Today I want to tell you something about another interesting day trip destination from Moscow: Istra

Istra is a smaller city around 60km away from Moscow with 35.000 habitants and lays right next to the river, which gave the city the name; Istra.

Some historical background

Known since the 16th century as the village of Voskresenskoye, it was later renamed Voskresensk, granted town status in 1781, and became the seat of an Uyezd. In 1930, the town was renamed Istra, after the river which flows through it. As a result of short-term occupation during the Great Patriotic war from November 25 to December 11, 1941), the town was severely damaged. After the war, Istra became a center of research in the area of electrical power engineering. Continue reading