Trip report: Sapsan Train to St. Petersburg

Dear readers,

some time ago we used the Sapsan high speed train to St. Petersburg. The train is scheduled several times a day and only takes 3h50-4h00 between Moscow and St. Petersburg with three stops in between.

Tickets can be booked online on the RZD website ( and are available 3 months in advance.

The train has 3 classes: economy, business and first class.

  • Economy class has simply the seat included in the fare and you can purchase food and drinks in the restaurant car.
  • Business class has a similar seat layout like economy class, although nice leather seats and in the business class fare, a meal and unlimited drinks are included. Further on you are allowed to use the VIP waiting room in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • First class has nice sleeper seats which can recline and are arranged in a 2-1 layout. The food and drink service is the same like in business class

We were booked in business class, but because of a malfunction of the air-condition system in the car, it was very cold and as the load in First class was light this morning, we were allowed to move there.


The cabin of First class is considerably more comfortable:


For breakfast there were several options:

All in all a very decent meal for a train and nothing to complain about.


After only 4 hours we arrived very relaxed in SPB.



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