Day trips from Moscow Part II: Istra

Dear readers,

Today I want to tell you something about another interesting day trip destination from Moscow: Istra

Istra is a smaller city around 60km away from Moscow with 35.000 habitants and lays right next to the river, which gave the city the name; Istra.

Some historical background

Known since the 16th century as the village of Voskresenskoye, it was later renamed Voskresensk, granted town status in 1781, and became the seat of an Uyezd. In 1930, the town was renamed Istra, after the river which flows through it. As a result of short-term occupation during the Great Patriotic war from November 25 to December 11, 1941), the town was severely damaged. After the war, Istra became a center of research in the area of electrical power engineering.

Famous Russian short-story writer and playwright Anton Chekhov used to work in Istra and its outskirts, while his brother Ivan Chekhov was a teacher at a local school. Soviet geographer Alexander Kruber was born in Istra.


The city is famous for its monastery territory of the Voskresensky Monastery. It is a big, recently renovated monastery with a lot of history


(CC BY-SA 3.0,

How to get there?

The easiest way from central Moscow to Istra is by train. They run frequently and and only take 1h15. There are trains departing from Moscow Rijskaya Station and Moscow Kurskaya Station.

Tickets can be bought at the counter at the station or at the ticket machine, which is also available in english.

If you want to know more information, please feel free to ask!



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