Excursion tip: Pushkin

Dear readers,

today I will take you to a place, which is perfect for a day long excursion from St. Petersburg: Pushin with the beautiful Ekaterinski Palace with the world famous amber chamber and the Lyceum where Pushkin studied.

I recommend you to be early morning at the palace, even about 45mins to 1 hour before it opens, because otherwise the lines for entry will be too long and you will be likely to spend several hours in the queue.

Inside the palace, visitors are not allowed to move freely around, but the excursions are well worth and very interesting. Please also not that inside the amber chamber, it is not allowed to take photos.



After visiting the palace I recommend you to just cross the street and visit the Lyceum, where the famous writer Pushkin spent his school time.

There an excursion is also offered, but after the hour long tour, you are allowed to take more time to visit and to look at the pieces from Pushkins life.

After this museum, if you have some more time, a walk through the Alexandrovsky park is well worth. It is a huge park with a lake and many beautiful ways, plants and flowers. In summer time, many people spend their weekend days there, simply for a walk or a picnic.

How to get there?

The easiest way to get there is to take the St.Petersburg Metro until the stop Moskovskaya and from there, on the left side there are many busses and Mashrutkas ( mini busses, more to come about them soon) with destination Pushkin. Fares should not be higher than 100 RUB.




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