Museums in Moscow Part III: Kremlin Armoury

Dear all,

let me present you another museum, which shows a lot about the Russian history: The Kremlin Armoury.



The museum is located inside the Kremlin and tickets can be bought at the booking offices right in front of Kremlin.

In the Kremlin Armoury, the Russian Diamond Fund is also located. It includes a big collection of Russian, Eastern and Western art from 5th until 20th century.

The Armoury shoes a lot of carriages, weapons, armour and ten Fabergé eggs (only imperial ones). After the Fabergé museum in St. Petersburg, the Armoury holds the 2nd biggest collection.

To get an impression, on the website of the museum there is a 3D virtual tour on offer

Entrance Fee

A ticket costs 700 RUB and can be either bought in the booking office or on the official Kremlin website ( ).

How to get there?

The easiest way, when you are in the centre is to walk, the booking offices as well as the entrance are opposite of Manege and the closest Metro Station is Biblioteka imeni Lenina.


I hope you enjoyed the read and stay tuned for more museum recommendations!




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