Traffic in Moscow

Hello dear readers,

as you all know ( or soon will know ) the traffic in Moscow can be quite bad, especially in the centre and on the motorways out of Moscow. But with a few tips, you can still get around the city pretty easy and rather fast.

Use the metro

Always try to use the metro when it is possible in the centre, because in almost all cases the metro is the fastest option to get from a point to another, even if you have to change the lines once or twice. The metro is very reliable and disruption nearly never take place. Also with 50 RUB for a single ticket ( and significantly cheaper if bought in a pass of 10, 20 or 40) it is a very affordable way to get around the city.


Moscow Metro


Use busses

For a capital Moscow has one of the most extensive network of bus lanes, on nearly all crowded streets, there is a lane for the busses, so the bus can pass by the traffic jam. But you will also see many normal cars use these lanes – but more and more traffic cameras are added, so in many cases these people need to pay a fee after.

Use minibuses

In Moscow, as well as the whole Russia, minibuses (Mashrutka in Russian) are very common. In smaller towns they usually are the only way to get somewhere, because the public transport of these cities only relies on these busses. In Moscow they compliment the normal bus lines; sometimes they simply add some frequency, sometimes they go a bit different way. But be aware, that the public transport passes can’t be used in most of the minibuses. In future this will be possible though as the city of Moscow currently replaces the older Mashrutki and puts new ones into service. You can recognise them at the blue color and yellow numberplate.

Try not to get out of Moscow on a Friday early evening

Many habitants of Moscow own a country house called Dacha in the suburbs or close by small towns. In the summer months most people want to spend their weekend there, so everybody tries to get out of Moscow on Friday after work. So my tip is, either try to be early (before 5 PM) or go late ( around 9PM). Then there is still some traffic, but you should be able to be at the Dacha before midnight. The same applies to Sunday afternoons and evenings, when most people try again to enter Moscow, then the motorways leading to Moscow as well as the Moscow Circle Road MKAD will be very likely blocked and it can take some hours to get into the centre.



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