Restaurant review: Tanuki

Dear all,

Today I want to tell you about the Russian Restaurant Chain Tanuki, which is serving Japanese food.

Tanuki is currently available in Moscow, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Perm, Samara and Ufa in Russia.

They have many restaurants as well as a delivery service.

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Poll: Do you want to read about Greece?

Dear readers,

next week I will travel on a Russian package holiday to Greece; now the question, do you want to know more about Greece or only about the flights on Ural Airlines?


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Trip Report: Air France and KLM to Moscow

Dear readers,

welcome to another trip report! This time I will cover my journey from Strasbourg to Amsterdam on Air France HOP! and further on KLM to Moscow.

To get to Entzheim airport in Strasbourg I needed to catch a couple of trains, but the french local trains are comfortable enough.

After a quick drive tot he nearest station in France, it was only 5mins until my train departed to Strasbourg Main Station. It was an interesting train, which can run on diesel as well as electric. It only took a bit more than 1h15 and we were in Strasbourg, where I had 15mins to wait for my next train, which brought me in 9mins to SXB airport.

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How do Marshrutkas work?

Hello dear readers,

Today I will tell you something about Marshrutkas, the mini busses, which are still very popular in Russia as well as in other eastern European countries and CIS countries.

Marshrutkas are basically minibuses, which operate on certain routes much like normal busses. But the difference is, that often they don’t operate in a scheduled way, but simply drive when the bus is full or close to full.





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