How do Marshrutkas work?

Hello dear readers,

Today I will tell you something about Marshrutkas, the mini busses, which are still very popular in Russia as well as in other eastern European countries and CIS countries.

Marshrutkas are basically minibuses, which operate on certain routes much like normal busses. But the difference is, that often they don’t operate in a scheduled way, but simply drive when the bus is full or close to full.





Especially in Moscow, many routes are operated by the public busses and Marshrutkas, but there are also a lot of routes, where a normal bus is too big, but public transport still needs to be provided.

When you enter you simply pay the fare directly to the driver ( usually between 30 and 50 RUB) and when you want to leave, you also tell the driver. It is a very comfortable and cheap way to get around!

Currently the city of Moscow tries to upgrade the system to modern mini busses, in which you can also use the metro/bus passes then.



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