Restaurant review: Tanuki

Dear all,

Today I want to tell you about the Russian Restaurant Chain Tanuki, which is serving Japanese food.

Tanuki is currently available in Moscow, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Perm, Samara and Ufa in Russia.

They have many restaurants as well as a delivery service.

viber image

I used the delivery service several times, but this time it was my first time in one of their restaurants.

First of all I was surprised how crowded it was during a weekday, but luckily we had reserved a table earlier in the day.

The menu has a wide range of dishes, but the focus is on sushi clearly.

We ordered mostly our favourite with Salmon and cream cheese, but also some others to try.

viber image2

While not so cheap (more than 3000 RUB for four people, I can say the quality is very nice, everything is freshly prepared and there is a decent amount of fish).

After also trying other places for sushi,  I can tell this one I liked the most.

And the best is that the first order comes with a 20% discount when using the app, so you can save quite a bit!


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