A small trip to Tula

Hello readers,

sorry for the absence but my internet access was a bit limited in the last two weeks.

Anyway back to topic.

Last weekend I went to Tula, a smaller city around 150km south of Moscow.


To get there we chose the car as it was the fastest variant.

I didn’t expect so much from Tula, but I was very positively surprised, it was a very nice and clean city with some sights in the centre.

First we visited the Kremlin, where information plates are put at each point of interest.

Two churches are also on the territory.

After visiting the Kremlin we went to the weapon museum, which has two parts in the centre, of which we visited the part with the newer weapons.

The entrance fee was with 250 RUB rather high ( 350 for the second part ).

Tula has been and still is an important city for weapon manufacturing.

Another thing, for what Tula is famous for is its Gingerbread and they have a small shop attached to the company where it is produced ( not so far from centre ) .

There it is possible to buy 1kg for 180-200 RUB which in my opinion is a bargain!

The local transport is mainly done by some trams and busses:



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