The new Zhukovsky airport in Moscow

Hello dear readers,

some weeks ago, the latest of the four airports serving Moscow opened for scheduled passenger flights: Zhukovsky airport.


Where is it located?

Zhukovsky airport is located in the south-east of Moscow.


How to get there?

Unfortunately there is no Aeroexpress train to get from the centre to Zhukovsky.

By public transport, currently the only variant is to go by metro to the station Kotelniki and after by bus number 478 to the airport. From metro the bus journey will take about 45mins. Again this is highly variable and depends a lot on the traffic.

Which airlines use it already?

Currently only Belavia has scheduled two daily flights to Minsk, the capital of Belarus.

With the introduction of the winter timetable on 27th of october Ural Airlines will also start flights to Astana, Dushanbe, Khujand and Osh.

For most tourists from Europe, this airport is not an option yet, but there are already plans for the future, that Pegas Touristik will open flights to several european cities. I will certainly keep a close eye on the development.


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