Golos, or “The Voice of Russia”

Dear readers,

this post is more for the international readers, although I am sure it can also be interesting for Russian readers!


Gregory Leps, Leonid Agutin, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina



As you all know, the TV format “The Voice of ………” is rather popular nowadays in most countries around the globe. Of course Russia also has its part of the format which is called “Golos”, the Russian word for voice.

Some weeks ago this years season, the fifth, already started on the first Russian channel and it is aired every friday at 9:30 PM. Currently the battles are shown, where two participants from every team fight against each other.

I am personally a big fan of the show, but particularly the Russian one, as in my opinion it polarizes a lot more than others, and I have seen already the German and UK version, but neither of them kept me continuing watching?

So what makes this one better in my opinion?

The jury:

This year in the jury are four of the most famous Russian artists, Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan, Gregory Leps and Leonid Agutin.

In my opinion the mix is great, because their characters and also music styles couldn’t be more different: Bilan and Gagarina are from the pop genre and Agutin and Leps are typically rock musicians. If you understand Russian; their comments about the singers are really like rough rock stars, if something was not so well, they will tell straight away, but also tell if it was very nice.

The participants:

This year there are suprisingly many international participants for example from the Caribbean, Mauritius and Israel next to the Russian and neighboring states.

There are also several famous acts on the show in between the candidates like Maxim Galkin.


Further on the show is not as hectical as many of the Voice shows in the west with fast camera changes, too many effects and the show is still about music and constructive critics. Further one I like the politeness of the jury and participants.

Just three days ago I watched the German version and disliked it, as participants, who weren’t taken by any of the jury members, don’t even have the chance to talk to them, to listen what they can improve.

If you also want to watch, but you aren’t currently in Russia, you can also watch it online here.



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