No more escalator women in Moscow Metro

Hello dear readers,

this week the news reached out, that the iconic women who guard the escalators in the Metro stations in central Moscow won’t be staying there for much longer as it is planned to remove their small guarding stands and therefor they will completely disappear.

Many people might not even have realised them, but you most likely passed by them every day several times.

I only heard of them when they told over the microphone to keep the left side of the escalator free, but still it was a unique sight…sad to see them go!

What do you think?


Singapore Airlines flight changes to Moscow

Dear readers,

Singapore Airlines adjusted their flights to Moscow. The current flight from Moscow to Houston will be cancelled from 30th of October and Moscow will operate as terminator flight.

Singapore – Moscow Domodedovo Service operates as terminator flight, overall frequency reduces from 5 to 4 weekly. 3-class 777-300ER operates this route
SQ362 SIN0025 – 0630DME 77W x357
SQ361 DME1455 – 0625+1SIN 77W x357


As Singapore Airlines is the best Airline to Asia, I am glad they keep the 4 weekly flight.IMG_5276