Exotic Air Moldova and an afternoon in Chisinau

Hello dear readers,

some time ago I was browsing again flights to Moscow and like often before Air Moldova showed up again as one of the cheapest options. I already took them on the Frankfurt-Chisinau-Moscow Domodedovo route three times before and in my opinion they are a well run small airline. Currently their fleet consists of two A320s, one A319 and three Embraer 190.

This time the interesting fact was, that the flight which would connect immediately within 30mins to the flight from Frankfurt was already sold out, so that left me with a 7 hours transit in Chisinau. Well I have never been to the city, nor knew a lot about it, so I quickly bought that ticket and decided to visit the centre of Chisinau!

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An extensive beginners guide to Moscow

Hello dear readers, in this post, which will be a bit longer than the usual ones, I want to give you insights, what you can do, when you travel the first time to Moscow, which transport options there are etc.; simply everything you need to know to make you stay in the city as pleasant as possible.


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Day trip to Kolomna

Hello dear readers,

today I will take you to Kolomna, a small city in the golden circle. It is located around 100km south-east of Moscow, still in Moscow Oblast.

You can either go there by Elektrichka, which is a local train, but with many stops, so I recommend the bus, which leaves every 30mins from the Metro station Kotelniki in Moscow to Kolomna. It will take around 2hours by bus to get there, depending on the traffic situation in the outskirts of Moscow.

I went there by car and it took around 90mins on M5 motorway.

Screenshot at Mar 12 16-25-58

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How do Marshrutkas work?

Hello dear readers,

Today I will tell you something about Marshrutkas, the mini busses, which are still very popular in Russia as well as in other eastern European countries and CIS countries.

Marshrutkas are basically minibuses, which operate on certain routes much like normal busses. But the difference is, that often they don’t operate in a scheduled way, but simply drive when the bus is full or close to full.






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